August 2022 Newsletter

WiFi Here and Now Event 2022 Webinar

Join WCA and Newracom for Wi-Fi HaLow Webinar

Join the Wireless Communications Alliance, Newracom's Zac Freeman, and other experts for the webinar Open Wi-Fi Here and Now Event 2022 HaLow, Wi-Fi 6e to learn about all the innovative developments around Wi-Fi 6e and Wi-Fi HaLow 802.11ah, on August 25th at 10 AMPT / 1 PM ET.

Smart Home

Wi-Fi HaLow And The Smart Home

Wi-Fi HaLow has many features for creating a robust dedicated IoT network for the smart home. Compared to standard Wi-Fi you have a longer range, better signal performance, and lower power usage. Additionally, one HaLow access point can cover the entire property and not just part of the house. This implies there could be a bright future for smart devices that are further outside the home.

Smart Building and Smart City

Smart Buildings and Property Management With Wi-Fi HaLow

Smart buildings face all the same challenges as the smart home and multiplied by being larger, with more people, and many more devices. All these challenges make it an ideal environment to implement 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow. Wi-Fi HaLow is a wireless technology standard built upon a Wi-Fi framework for IoT devices.