NRC7394 is the advanced Wi-Fi HaLow System-on-Chip (SoC), designed specifically to meet the connectivity needs of the Internet of Things (IoT) era. With its exceptional range, low power consumption, and seamless integration capabilities, NRC7394 is the ideal solution for enabling a wide range of IoT applications. Its capability to connect up to 8K devices within a single network makes it perfect for environments with dense deployments of IoT devices. Moreover, Wi-Fi HaLow incorporates advanced power-saving features, significantly reducing power consumption and greatly extending the battery life of connected devices.

With fully integrated power amplifiers, the NRC7394 offers a robust output of up to 17dBm, providing sufficient power for a wide range of IoT applications. Moreover, its compatibility with various commercial external FEM devices enables further flexibility to achieve even higher output power levels.

The NRC7394's standalone mode support enables the execution of a wide range of IoT applications on embedded ARM Cortex-M3. Additionally, the availability of numerous sample applications simplifies the development of new IoT application programs.

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IEEE 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow Compliant SoC

Fully Integrated on-chip 11ah modem, RF transceiver, single Cortex processors, and memory

Support for Hosted, Hostless, and Standalone operation

Supports 1/2/4 MHz bandwidth

Up to 15 Mbps data rate

Low-power operation modes

  • Legacy
  • WMM-PS
  • TWT

WPA3 security

Dedicated SPI and UART interface for host

Various peripheral interfaces for sensor device

Manufacturing tools for configuration and test

Diagnostic test tools for indoor and outdoor test

Software development kit and sample applications


Target Iot

  • Agriculture
  • Building automation
  • Industrial automation
  • Drones and robotics
  • Smart cities
  • Smart home
  • Smart grid
  • Security and access control
  • Healthcare
  • Wearable


  • ARM Cortex-M3 for Wi-Fi and application
  • 32KB Boot ROM
  • 1,088KB System SRAM
  • XIP with cache (2 ways, 32KB)
  • 48KB retention
Communication Peripherals
  • GPIO X 26
  • SPI X 2
  • UART X 2
  • I2C X 2
  • 10-bit ADC: 2ch input
RF Transceiver
  • Single-ended RF ports
  • Frequency band: 750 to 950MHz
  • Linear TX output power: 17dBm
  • TX gain range: 30dB
  • -109 dBm Rx sensitivity
Package & Temperature
  • 6mm x 6mm 48-QFN
  • -40 ~ +85°C operating temperature

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BLOCK                    DIAGRAM 


NRC7394 block diagram


Everything Ready for Evaluation & Development

NRC7394 EVK provides a comprehensive evaluation kit for entry of IoT application development, including an HDK board with full chip functionality exposed, complete hardware development documentation, and a software development kit.

  • Full Evaluation Kit: Including HDK, SDK, Documents, and Tools
  • Full functionality: Exhibits the full chip capability possible, allowing easy customization and application development
  • Evaluation Board Features
    • IEEE 802.11ah Wi-Fi SoC solution
    • Micro-USB type B connector for serial interface
    • 22-Pin header connector for JTAG interface
    • 40-Pin header connector for Raspberry PI 4
    • DIP switch for Wi-Fi module configuration
    • SMA female connector for ANT
  • For Buyer, please consider which Evaluation Kit is the most appropriate based on your needs.

Mode of Operation Host Mode Standalone Mode

Standalone Mode

(AT Command)

Description Most software components including TCP/IP and the user's application program, typically run on the MCU on the host side, Raspberry Pi, while only the software for HaLow radio runs on NRC7394. All software components, including the user application program, run on NRC7394. The MCU inside NRC7394 provides lower throughput performance compared to Host Mode. All software components, including the user application program, run on NRC7394. The MCU inside NRC7394 provides lower throughput performance compared to Host Mode.
Target Application AP, Camera, etc. Sensor, Wearables, Camera, Ethernet to HaLow, RS485 to HaLow, etc. AMI, Solar panels, etc.
  • NRC7394EVB + Raspberry Pi
  • Driver source codes
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  • NRC7394EVB
  • Sample codes
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  • NRC7394EVB
  • AT command binary
  • Sample codes
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