Askey's Wi-Fi HaLow Module Powers the Next Wave of IoT Innovation With Newracom

Askey and Newracom Continue to Drive Wi-Fi HaLow Forward with the Development of Askey’s WAH0070 Wi-Fi HaLow Module Based on Newracom NRC7394 SoC


ASKEY WAH0070-US WiFi HaLow ModuleIRVINE, Calif., March 20, 2024 ( - The advancement of Wi-Fi HaLow persists, and adoption continues to grow, leading to the development of the next-generation Wi-Fi HaLow Module by Askey, utilizing the Newracom’s SOC (System on Chip), NRC7394. Wi-Fi HaLow, known for its long-range and low-power capabilities, has been gaining increased adoption. Askey’s decision to adopt Newracom’s Wi-Fi HaLow SoC is a resounding endorsement of the continued belief in the success of the new IoT-enabling Wi-Fi standard, IEEE 802.11ah.

The WAH0070 Wi-Fi HaLow module by Askey features a compact footprint of 18mm by 13.5mm with a height of 2.1mm. It has been developed with an optional power amplifier, offering users the flexibility to maximize both distance and signal strength or opt for operation without the power amplifier to conserve battery life in low-power applications. This makes the module ideal for IoT applications, such as smart city infrastructure, building and factory automation, smart retail, security and surveillance systems, telematics, and long-range portable devices.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Newracom to develop a Wi-Fi HaLow module that can meet the needs of the next generation of IoT and Smart devices. Wi-Fi HaLow adoption has been steadily growing, and we’re honored to continue to be a leader in the Wi-Fi HaLow space,” stated Tommy Lin, 11ah Product Development AVP of Askey.

“We’re delighted to have a partner like Askey, who has aligned with our vision for the adoption of Wi-Fi HaLow as an innovative IoT connectivity bearer. ASKEY is at the forefront of providing smart applications, and their continued support of the Wi-Fi HaLow propels the true potential of the technology,” remarked Frank Lin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Newracom.

The WAH0070 Wi-Fi HaLow module by Askey marks another significant step forward in the Wi-Fi HaLow market. With its over-a-kilometer range, low power consumption, strong signal penetration, robust WPA3 security, and IP-based communication, Wi-Fi HaLow can accelerate the rapid development of smarter and more advanced IoT-based services. For more information, visit or

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