February 2023 Newsletter


Comparing Wi-Fi HaLow and LoRa In The WFA Beacon Blog

Take a look at how Wi-Fi HaLow compares to LoRaWAN in our contribution to the Wi-Fi Alliance Beacon Blog.


Learn about what makes Wi-Fi HaLow a great enabling technology with a look at range, data throughput, battery life, network integration and security. Get insights why are partners choose to use HaLow.


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Get Involved With The Wireless Broadband Alliance's Wi-Fi HaLow Project

The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) has taken on a project to demonstrate the benefits of Wi-Fi HaLow. This project will identify key use cases and test scenarios for Wi-Fi HaLow across major vertical markets, and establish vertical test beds and trial cases to showcase optimal technical usage and implementation, with thorough analysis of the results. Collaborate with Newracom and other Wi-Fi HaLow innovators and leaders to accelerate Wi-Fi HaLow adoption.


New Office Location

 Our office has moved to 505 Technology Dr Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92618. Please take the time to update your records and click the link to take a peek inside our new office.