January 2024 NEWSLETTER


SUNMI Releases Wi-Fi HaLow Payment Terminal

SUNMI releases a line of products using Wi-Fi HaLow branded as "Hyper Wi-Fi" to help businesses stay connected anywhere and better operational efficiency. They offer a mini AP, that can connected to all SUNMI 3rd gen products.


WBA release Wi-Fi HaLow White Paper and starts field trials

The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), the global organization that connects people with the latest Wi-Fi initiatives, has today announced that its “Wi-Fi HaLow for IoT” program has moved into a new phase, showcasing 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow solutions in real-world use cases with contributing industry members.  These include a range of applications including Smart Home, Smart City, Building Automation, Smart Retail, Industrial IoT, and Agriculture Technology. A new “Wi-Fi HaLow for IoT ” white paper released today also gives an overview of the features, expected use cases, and markets for Wi-Fi HaLow


Wi-Fi HaLow goes Viral with Ben Jeffery

Youtuber and Canadian engineer Ben Jeffery produced a video on Wi-Fi HaLow that has had over 200,000 views and growing, with over 400 comments. Watch the video and read the conversation around HaLow as thousands of people are introduced to this technology.

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