Newracom attends Wi-Fi Now Expo & Conference in London


Author by Newracom 


Wi-Fi Now Expo & Conference, held November 12-14th, 2019 in London, will showcase the most promising companies and inspiring case stories that are driving the Wi-Fi industry forward. As the only 100% Wi-Fi event in the world, Wi-Fi Now brings the industry together for three days of networking and knowledge sharing, of which NEWRACOM will take a central role. 

NEWRATEK/NEWRACOM will showcase the world-first IEEE 802.11ah Wi-Fi SoC (NRC7292) and Module (NRM7292A) at Booth 9 on the main expo floor. 

We will also conduct demos of various IoT applications using sub-1GHz band IEEE 802.11ah Wi-Fi SoC:

  • Smart Door Lock: Wi-Fi door lock with camera featuring wider-coverage and higher data rate
  • RC Car with Surveillance Camera: controlling a RC car while providing seamless and high quality video to monitor motions and activities        
  • IoT Sensor for Smart Industries: Sensing temperature, humidity, locations and transmitting collected data over the air to a central, cloud-based computing resource.

On Day 3, Frank Lin, NEWRACOM’s VP of Global Sales & Marketing, will be speaking on a Q&A panel titled “Wi-Fi IoT for Carriers – Challenges & Solutions.”

Contact us to schedule a meeting and we look forward to seeing you at the show!