Getting Out of the Corner of Proprietary Wireless with Wi-Fi HaLow

shutterstock_2277934347Sometimes we may ask ourselves how did we get here; letting days go by, holding on to a single-provider propriety wireless technology built on the backs of IEEE 802.15.4 or long-range 2.4Ghz technology, that does that one thing that no other standard wireless can do. Now you’re stuck with it, burdened with its custom costs and installs. While it has its positives of being a single expected connectivity platform, it’s expensive, slow in new developments, and can’t leverage other companies’ solutions on it.


Proprietary wireless usually comes in for a reason: as a non-standard combination of two requirements that don’t coexist on standard wireless technology today. Typically, it’s requirements for range and speed, or range and latency. You looked, and a lot of wireless technologies fall short.

Take a look at the Wi-Fi HaLow standard. HaLow captures the sweet spot of IoT connectivity by optimizing different aspects of wireless IoT technology with the right blend of coverage, cost, power, and performance.


Standard Range Throughput Signal Penetration Latency Low Energy
Wi-Fi HaLow Good Good Great Good Good
LoRa Great Bad Great Bad Good
BLE Okay Okay Okay Okay Good
Wi-Fi 4 Okay Great Okay Great Bad
Wi-Fi 6 Bad Great Bad Great Bad
Your Proprietary Solution






As shown, Wi-Fi HaLow doesn’t have a weak point in its wireless connectivity properties.


Proprietary wireless may be sufficient in meeting your basic needs; it works, but it is not a standard. This means new ideas and capabilities must be tabled because there is a lack of developers and engineers working to add more. The proprietary wireless technology you are using may have been innovative when you started, but now you’re on your own in a rapidly developing connected world.    What if there was a standards-based, interoperable technology that addressed your unique needs?  The right wireless technology will enable your IoT services into reality quicker and with lower overhead for prototyping and deployment. 


Wi-Fi HaLow is made to meet the broad range of use cases for IoT solutions. It is important to get a baseline of the requirements that originally drove you to proprietary wireless. Stack the requirements up to the features of Wi-Fi HaLow and see if it exceeds your needs.


Wi-Fi HaLow is a rapidly growing version of Wi-Fi. It is IP-based and the best balanced approach of range and throughput for IoT devices of the current wireless standards available today. It’s one of the few technologies with the range, throughput, and signal penetration to be able to support its massive 8,000-plus station capacity. See it for yourself in our two-client count demo videos.



As the standard develops and more devices hit the market, don’t be left behind. Leverage the sophistication and capability of Wi-Fi designed for IoT with Wi-Fi HaLow. With security, compatibility, and compliance certification available through the Wi-Fi Alliance, adding new devices to your IoT network is simple and painless.

Don’t let your proprietary wireless technology slow down your innovation, let our team help you compare your unique needs to Wi-Fi HaLow’s capabilities.