January 2023 NewsLetter


Learn About HaLow At IoT Evolution

See Zac Freeman speak at IoT Evolution East in Ft Lauderdale. Learn all about how HaLow is used in today's world and what early adopters have made use of the technology. Running for more than 15 years, IoT Evolution covers how to scale their IoT deployments and impactful technology innovations that will drive businesses forward.


Learn Why Wi-Fi HaLow Is Easy To Adopt

When addressing IT department concerns, our partners start with the fact that HaLow is Wi-Fi. This fact makes getting Wi-Fi HaLow added to a company’s network much less challenging than other LPWANs today.   


HaLow is Wi-Fi because:

  • Same Native IP Support as Wi-Fi 
  • Same Security as Wi-Fi 
  • Same Network Architecture 
  • No Interference Issues with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz 
  • Large Area of Coverage per Access Point
Wi-Fi Alliance Top 5 Predictions at CES Interview

Newracom Top 5 Predictions For 2023

Our very own VP of Sales and Marketing, Zac Freeman sat down with the Wi-Fi Alliance at CES to give his top 5 predictions for 2023. Watch the video to learn what we see in the near future for Wi-Fi HaLow.


Please comment about your predictions about 2023 for Wi-Fi HaLow, we would love to hear what you think.