May 2023 Newsletter


Why HaLow & LTE Are The Perfect Pair

Wi-Fi HaLow offers a unique combination of extended range, high data throughput, and signal penetration, making it the ideal choice for offloading or aggregating cellular connections. Learn how Wi-Fi HaLow is able to lower operating costs for existing cellular solutions that exist today.


See Newracom Speak At Preshow Workshop at Sensors Converge

The Wireless Communications Alliance ( is organizing this preshow workshop. The workshop will center on the utilization of communication technologies and sensors to make both emerging and established industries “smart.” Get the HaLow story and how it is impacting communications Technologies the day before Sensors Converge on June 20th, in Santa Clara.


See Newracom Speak at WGC Americas in Las Vegas

Want to learn about the latest developments in Wi-Fi HaLow. See Newracom's Zac Freeman, VP of Marketing & Sales speak on Wednesday, June 21st at the WCG Americas in Las Vegas. Get the scoop on the WBA Wi-Fi HaLow project and learn how Wi-Fi HaLow is being used in the field today. We hope to see you there.


Newracom Visits Wireless Japan With The 802.11ah Promotion Council

Newracom's Frank Lin helped promote Wi-Fi HaLow with the 802.11ah Promotional Council at Wireless Japan 2023. Japan has only recently adopted spectrum in the 900 Mhz channel for Wi-Fi HaLow and continues to explore IoT solutions with Wi-Fi HaLow.