September 2022 Newsletter


Wi-Fi HaLowTM Enabling the Future of Industrial IoT Webinar

Join Newracom, Silex, and Nexxcomm in a Webinar about the future of Wi-Fi HaLow. In this webinar, 802.11ah ecosystem partners for the industrial IoT get together to share: 

  • Knowledge about the Wi-Fi Alliance Certification Program for Wi-Fi HaLow
  • Global radio spectrum availability for Wi-Fi Halow and its implication
  • Wi-Fi HaLow SoC capabilities
  • How to enable your Wi-Fi HaLow-enabled devices
  • How Wi-Fi HaLow addresses the industrial IoT challenges, and
  • Industrial IoT solution enabled by Wi-Fi HaLow
Wifi Technology Disruption Poll

See Our Poll Results

We recently polled its LinkedIn followers about which type of IoT wireless technologies Wi-Fi HaLow has the best potential to disrupt. The results were very interesting and everyone seems to break down pretty even, but with 42% of the vote, our community thinks Long Range LPWANs like SigFox or LoRa are the most likely to feel disruption by HaLow.


Smart Home Devices On A HaLow Network

Take a look at how Wi-FI 6 and Wi-Fi HaLow complement each other in the smart home environment. Take a deep dive into how your IoT smart devices could have their own HaLow network leaving bandwidth, and high-end applications for Wi-Fi 6.