September 2023 NEWSLETTER


Go From Proprietary Wireless To Wi-Fi HaLow

Looking to move on from your proprietary wireless solutions? Wi-Fi HaLow might be the answer you are looking for. It is in the sweet spot of wireless connectivity for IoT and can meet the demanding connectivity requirements of a variety of industries. Learn how Wi-Fi HaLow could get you out of the proprietary wireless corner.


Image Credit Neoway Technologies


Neoway Takes HaLow to IoT Exhibition in Shenzhen

Partner Neoway Technology brought their new Wi-Fi HaLow module to the 20th International Internet of Things Exhibition in Shenzhen, China.


Read about their Wi-Fi HaLow module in this excerpt from the Neoway article:


"In addition to the newly released products, Neoway Technology's Wi-Fi HaLow module LW510, launched in July this year, has also garnered considerable industry attention. The LW510 module is currently the smallest Wi-Fi HaLow low-power module in the industry, capable of effectively connecting IoT devices up to a kilometer away. It offers coverage that is dozens of times greater than traditional Wi-Fi, and features low power consumption, long-range, high connectivity (a single AP can connect to over 8000 terminals), easy networking, and enhanced security. The module can provide stable and reliable connectivity for end devices in scenarios such as smart metering, access control systems, industrial IoT, smart agriculture, smart retail, and smart homes, thereby serving as an effective complement to cellular IoT."


Image Credit Digi Times

Packed House for Wi-Fi HaLow Seminar in Japan

Interest in Wi-Fi HaLow continues to grow in Japan and Taiwan. Enough interest to create a packed room at the Cloud Computing and IoT Association event in Taiwan. Newracom's Frank Lin was on site to provide answers and showcase our upcoming NRC7394 chipset.