July 2023 Newsletter


Neoway Announces World's Smallest HaLow Module

Neoway Technology has introduced the industry’s smallest Wi-Fi HaLow module, the LW510. Based on Newracom’s recently announced NRC7394 Wi-Fi HaLow SoC, this module caters to the unique requirements of various applications such as smart cities, access control systems, industrial automation, agriculture, and smart home.  With dimensions of just 12.0 x 12.0 x 2.3mm and the ability to run applications onboard, the LW510 enables long-range and reliable Wi-Fi HaLow communications while effectively reducing the size and costs of customer products. 


802.11 AH Promotional Council Taiwan Meeting Report

Newracom's Frank Lin went to the 802.11 AH Promotional Council (AHPC) meeting in Taiwan to help promote Wi-Fi HaLow. The AHPC reported on the situation in Japan, and Taiwanese vendors introduced the details of their efforts for HaLow. The report contains an informative Q&A session between the attendees.

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YouTuber Tries Out Wi-Fi HaLow

So can someone take some off-the-shelf Wi-Fi HaLow products to create a connection across a lake? YouTube Content Creator cemaxecuter certainly had no problem in one of his latest videos.