November 2022 Newsletter


Visit Newracom at CES 2023

Want to get a hands-on experience with Wi-Fi HaLow Technology? See us in Las Vegas at CES, January 5-8, 2023. 


We will have IP cameras, smart labels, and a sensor demonstration all over Wi-Fi HaLow. This is your chance to put your hands on and play around with Wi-Fi HaLow technology. 

Innnotek 1

Newracom & Askey Showcase Wi-Fi HaLow At Taiwan Innotech Expo

Newracom partnered with ASKEY to jointly exhibit “Access to the Public Internet of Things for Peoples’ Livelihood” at the Taiwan Innotech Expo from October 13th, 2022 – October 15th, 2022. ASKEY is a well-known manufacturer of network communication equipment. ASKEY is developing solutions for municipal smart grid solutions, utilizing 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow chipset solutions produced by Newracom, to make IoT gateways and other equipment, to create IoT networks for civil and municipal use.

Furuno Wi-Fi HaLow AP

Wi-Fi HaLow First Device Radio Approval In Japan.

Wi-Fi HaLow begins its journey towards adoption in Japan. A big congratulations to Furuno for having the first 802.11ah certification in Japan.

Wi-Fi HaLow can be used in Japan today due to the advocacy by the 802.11ah Promotion Council (Furuno is a member) which was established to promote the commercialization of 802.11ah in the Japanese market. The member companies have been promoting the 802.11ah standard since 2018. It is exciting to see a new wave of IoT solutions powered by Wi-Fi HaLow in Japan and the cumulative return on the efforts of the 802.11ah Promotional Council and its members.